Rose wine, Strawberry & Peach Syrup, Three Olives Vodka

It’s summer in a glass!


Peach, Please
Larceny Bourbon, peach syrup, Peach bitters

Power Up
Three Olives Vodka, Red Bull, Blue Powerade, Lemon Cordial

Green Fairy
Beefeater Gin, Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Absinthe Rinse

One in a Melon
Corazon Tequila, Ancho Reyes Poblano, Watermelon puree, lime juice

24 Carrot
Alto’s Tequila, carrot and jalapeño juice, lime, taijin rim, pickled carrot

Bourbon Blossom
Larceny Bourbon, St. Germain, lemon, ginger beer, orchid

Electric Watermelon
 Cruzan Light Rum, Mint, Lime Juice, Watermelon Red Bull



Replay Aperol Spritz $11
Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange wedge

Replay House Margarita or Passionfruit Margarita $11
Dobel Tequila, lime juice, agave or passionfruit, orange, salt rim

Replay Smoked Margarita $12
Dobel Tequila, La Luna Mezcal, lime juice, agave, orange, salt rim

Black Walnut Manhattan $12
Rittenhouse Rye, Averna, Black Walnut Bitters, cherry

Replay Old Fashioned $12
Larceny Bourbon, Tobacco Bitters, demerara, orange swath 

 Bloody and Bruised $12
Bushmills Irish Whiskey, blood orange, lemon, fresh basil

 Grapefruit Basil $12
Absolut Vodka, Lime Juice, Fresh Grapefruit, Basil

Bottles and Cans

Amstel Light • 7

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple • 7

Brooklyn Brewing Special Effects • 7 (non alcoholic)

Corona Light • 7

Daisy Cutter • 7

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA • 7

Goose Island Lemonade Shandy • 7

Goose Island Shea Coul- Ale • 7

Guinness Extra Stout • 7

Heineken • 7

Michelob Ultra • 7

Miller High Life• 7

Miller Lite • 7

Modelo • 7

Original Sin Cider • 7

PBR Tall Boy • 7

Stella Artois • 7

Stiegl Radler 16.9oz • 7

Truly Hard Lemonade – Strawberry • 7

Truly Hard Seltzer – Black Cherry • 7

Truly Hard Tea – Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon • 7